“Big Red”

Our ambulances are built to our specifications that we might provide the best patient care during long hospital transports out of Rappahannock County. Stocked alike with the most up to date equipment. First in the area for 12 Lead, CPAP, Lucas CPR Machine, Striker Power Load, and heated fluids. Capable of sending 12 leads to Winchester Medical Center for heart attacks.
Medic 1B was purchased with the help of EMS Grant. Bigger than Medic 1 it has better maneuverability with its great turning radius.

“Little Red”

In the Spring of 2008 we applied for a grant from The Jesse and Rose Loeb Foundation in Warrenton, VA to either replace the chassis on the 1997 Ambulance – or to buy a new ambulance (our preferred option). The Loeb Foundation awarded us a grant in the summer of 2008 to replace our oldest ambulance. We specked out our high tech Horton Ambulance and were pleased when it arrived.


Utility 1 (a Ford 350, bought in 2007) takes providers and firefighters arriving after other apparatus have responded to the scene and brings back dirty hose, etc. Utility 1 is also a first responder unit licensed by the state. The utility was  bought with money donated to the department through a will of a resident in the area.  We thank her for this contribution to our department.




  • Our Engine 1  is the primary vehicle used to respond to fires.
  • Equipped with CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System), which makes the Engine 1,000 gallon water capacity equivalent to 3,000 gallons.  The engine is equiped with light weight hose and most up to date equipment. A Thermal Imager and Multi Rae gas meter are on board to assist firefighting.


A 2008 KME Tanker arrived in November 2008!


The 2000 gallon tanker is a engine/tanker with CAFS. (compressed air foam system) Equipped like Engine 1 with up to date equipment and Thermal Imager and Gas meter. Tandem rear wheels make this piece very stable.  Though 33′ long it is very maneuverable in tight places.  Our policy to to use as a tanker and shuttle water.   However, this piece has been the first on scene and was used as the attack pumper as it has a full assignment of hose lays.


 Attack 1


Our 2000 Attack vehicle

  •  The Attack is basically a small pumper with a 300 gallon-water tank, CAFS equipped (which makes the water capacity equivalent to 900 gallons).
  • The Attack is designed for us to get up to those hard to reach homes quickly in fire situations. Fully equipped with 3 possible attack hose lays for structure fire situations. It also serves as a brush truck with a sidewinder nozzle on the front and booster line on the side..

Brush Truck

Our 2018 Brush Truck

The brush truck is a custom 2018 Ford F-350.
Features include:
An aluminum bed with integrated water tank. The capacity on this bed is 300 gallons 15 gallon,class A foam tank, Cat high pressure pump and Hannay Hose Reel, Hale HP-100 pump and Hale primer, Ground sweep nozzles, SoundOff Signal and TecNiq lighting, Custom compartments, and a Hammerhead Armor bumper with a Warn Zeon 12 winch.

Hazard Materials Trailer

Rappahannock County has a containment trailer for leaks.  It has booms, fluff, suits, and equipment to dam and dike for a fuel leak.  This trailer also serves as a mass causality trailer.  The trailer is usually pulled by Attack 1 and has been used a number of times for containment of fluids from spills but never used for Mass Causality, thank goodness.