9-15 Acre Field Brush Fire

Wind and a small control brush pile caused havoc in Rappahannock County calling for all companies to come with brush trucks or tankers. The resident called in as a small grass fire. Rappahannock Dispatcher dispatched a single company.  2nd Assistant Chief, … Continue reading

11 Short Road Fire

Rappahannock County Companies had a small fire in an empty old house.  Attack 2 arrived on scene with  fire showing from living room window and smoke from eves.  Tanker 1 arrived and connected for water supply.  Firefighters went into action … Continue reading

They Lived!

They Lived.  A horrific head on accident occurred between Subaru Forester and a Chevy pick up, sending 3 to nearby hospitals with one on to a trauma center. Overcast skies prevented medivac.  Airbags, curtains, and seatbelts by all saved lives. Local EMT, … Continue reading

Rough Riders

On September 19,2015, the station grounds were swamped with 226 bike riders.  Come for breakfast, take a ride up to 50 miles in length over the hilly roads of Rappahannock.  Don’t forget the scenery they traveled through.  It could not … Continue reading

Wildlife at Station

Daily we experience natures wildlife.  Bears, Turkey, and forever the herd of deer bless our grounds.  We will not count the groundhogs, skunks, racoons and opossums that frequent the grounds.  Better close the bay doors at night when we head … Continue reading