Woods Fire 4/20/16

Brush 9 Chester Gap and Attack 1 arrived to a woods fire.  Access to the fire was the main problem encountered as the rough trail that ran along a fence. Fire was going uphill on the other side through heavy, heavy briars and brush.  To make matter more difficult an old wire fence lay entangled on the ground mixed in with the briars.

A better access had to be found.  The man working the log trash pile offered his dozer bucket to help.  He was instructed to start up the left flank to make us a trail and construct a fire line.  Once he reached the head of the fire and firefighters from Chester Gap found another logging trail and instructed additional brush trucks come that way, things began to shape up.  The dozer continued around the fire making a fire line.

Brush trucks braved the dozer line and began mop up.  Forestry dozer arrived and cleaned up the line and knocked down several burning trees.  Attach 1 was used to set up water supply and tankers were released.  Holding 4 brush trucks for mop up. The resident pushed the pile of burning logs away from the tree line.

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