9-15 Acre Field Brush Fire

Wind and a small control brush pile caused havoc in Rappahannock County calling for all companies to come with brush trucks or tankers.

The resident called in as a small grass fire. Rappahannock Dispatcher dispatched a single company.  2nd Assistant Chief, Gary Jenkins, for Washington arrived on scene near his home and gave size up of fire breaching the fence line entering the neighbors field and racing across heading to the woodland.  He called for just about the whole country to bring brush trucks.

Front nozzles, booster reels and forestry hose lines, rakes and leaf blowers all deployed by 21 volunteers before the fire was stopped and returned in service.

Virginia Department of Forestry was called with their dozer and put a line around the perimeter.  Large locust trees were burning from bottom to top.  It was dark when forestry walked the perimeter and dismissed the volunteer force.  Forestry stayed the night and worked the next day putting out all the snags and protecting the perimeter.

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