Gary Jenkins Jr. Fundraiser

Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue needs help for one of its members who was seriously injured.

On July 12, 2016, 19 year old Gary Jenkins Jr was responding from home to a emergency call for Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue.  It had just rained after a hot day creating a slick road. Gary was driving on a narrow back road towards the station when his car went out of control and rolled over crushing the roof against a tree.

Extrication took over an hour to  free him.  Weather prohibited direct air medical flight from the scene.  Aircare was able to meet the ambulance at Fauquier Hospital and flight from there to Fairfax Trauma Center.

Surgery to repair a fracture in his back was preformed and Gary has now been transferred to a rehabilitation center to help in the process of regaining use of his legs.

Gary is a valuable member of the fire department.  He has been attending Lord Fairfax Community College to become a Paramedic.  He has just graduated his first step and passed his EMT-Intermediate level of training.  He has been running calls at this level to be released to preform ALS skills on medic calls.

Attached are a few pictures of Gary in action on some incidents this year. Gary has been giving to the community his talents in both fire and EMS.  Upon rehabilitation he hopes to pursue a career as a paramedic/firefighter and continue to serve Rappahannock County as a volunteer.

Gary will need a lot of rehabilitation in getting his life back together.  Expenses are expected to mount up over the insurance coverage.

Washington VFR has begun a fundraising effort to help with medical expenses and rehabilitation.   Donation may be sent to :

Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.

P.O. Box 238

Washington, VA 22747

Memo Check for  Gary Jenkins Jr.


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August 1, 2016 = update on Gary Jenkins

Gary in rehab has learned to move from bed to wheelchair with ease.  He can wheel and transfer to shower chair and shower himself.  He gradually got feeling and control in his hips. His feeling has moved down to knees and the right thigh can be flexed and move his knee cap.

He is :    (HOME)  Send cards, etc. there.

Gary Jenkins, Jr.

33 Hunters Rd.

Woodville, VA 22749


Slowly, he is getting more feeling and movement with therapy.  It is expected to be a long haul but Gary remains positive and hopeful.  He is a driven young man and is continuing to strive to get better. Attending therapy 3 hours twice a day.

Friends, family and the community have worked together.  Volunteers from Habitat for Humanity have started to reconstruct his bedroom, doorways and bath to make more assessable.  Racer Construction members have volunteered to do the ramp. Terry Robey and his crew are working on a concrete pad.  Any help with the house is being directed to Jack Jenkins, Gary’s Grandfather, 540-675-3208.

There are numerous community and fire related organizations helping out by fundraisers.  Money is expected to be needed for payment of medical bills over the insurance coverage, specialized wheelchair, continuing therapy……………eventually a car may need to be specialized for him to drive and college funds for education for a future career.  So much depends on his recovery stage as to what will be needed.

Events that we know of :

Public House Restaurant   Flint Hill, VA benefit  weekend of August 13 donating 20% of the prime rib dinner to benefit Gary .  So everyone come enjoy a good meal and support Gary.  $770

Car Wash – Ball team from Rappahannock County High School will have a car wash at Washington Vol. Fire Station at 10 Firehouse ln. on Saturday August 13.  Come get your car washed. Mike Atkins has put together this project. $8,760.15

Bluegrass Music.  So far 3 bands to come and play with some great prize raffles by local merchants.  Junior and Michelle Jenkins are heading up the affair  Sept 24th. They have a trick mule coming for the children. $3050

Boot Drive;  Watch for the boots out there in stores and drop change for Gary. Thanks.  Amy Hitt is energetic and has several good fundraiser thoughts as well as the boot drive.  Thanks Amy.


Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue wishes to thank all who have sent money donations to us for Gary.  So far we have from checks sent here just over $12,000.


August 20,2016

Gary has come home.  We are all happy he is home and still recovering.  He can swing his right foot.  His left thigh muscle is starting to contract.  His spirits are great.

A great job was done on the house. (getting some pictures for posting)

Gary will  spend several weeks getting readjusted to home life and then continue Therapy for habitation. A slow process but gradual recovery is noted.

We have been told that most of the money donated and raised for Gary will be for habitation therapy as insurance covers 30 sessions a year.  Gary will need more that the 30 sessions so the money you have donated will be the best gift possible to help him recover.  Thank you.

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October 5, 2016

Gary is home and has been out to Football games and comes to the station to visit and help out.  He rolls in his wheelchair everywhere and transfers himself from chair to car, etc.

Right leg is getting more control and feeling.  The left is a slower process as that side of the cord was damaged.  He is in good spirits.  A list of donors has been given to Gary so he should in near future send thank you notes.

He is going to therapy 3 days at week at NOVA Rehab and is getting water therapy set up.

Below are pictures of Gary at The Blue Grass Music benefit which netted $3,700

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February 25, 2017 Update – long overdue- sorry about that.

Gary is home and going to Rehab Spinal Therapy twice a week and water therapy twice a week.  He is helping us out at the station with QA reports and cost recovery.

He has his special wheelchair and maneuvers very well around the house and in and out of the car. He has a great girl friend who is very supportive.  We have seen videos of him walking in braces with support.  Full control has not been reached where he can walk without a walker support.  It is a miracle how he is progressing. When he comes to the station, we notice he moves his legs on own.

Leg and foot reflexes are not quick enough for him to drive. Hand controls are being explored as an option so he can drive.  His mom and girl friend now transport him back and forth to Therapy and the Station.

Gary has a great attitude and everyone is praying and hoping his recovery will continue to proceed towards full recovery.

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