Over the Embankment 5-4-2016

A young lady driving along Eastbound 211 near Washington lost control and hit a bank, skidded along a guard rail, rolling several times and over a 50 foot embankment to come to rest on its wheels.  Washington had 5 personnel at the station and responded immediately with Medic unit and Engine arriving 3 minutes after dispatch.

Our young member immediately went over the embankment to offer assistance with the deputy, sliding parts of the way down the bank.  A rope was attached to the guardrail and further personnel worked their way down to assist the patient.  The 24 foot ladder was extended and placed down the bank and attached to the guardrail for further egress and removal of the patient.  The bottom of the 50 foot embankment had to be climbed using ropes to the ladder.

The young lady was crawling out of the vehicle when we arrived and had all but one leg freed.  EMS assisted the patient out and onto a backboard.  Straps applied and a quick hauling system extracted the patient up the hill.

Transport to ER by Washington Medic Unit with what appeared minor injuries and stable patient.

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