Kindergarten Visit 9-18-15

65 children came to the station and experienced what it is like to be a firefighter or EMT. Short talk  with a teacher dressing up as a firefighter got the kids lined up for activities of: 1. Dressing up in firefighter gear with plastic helmets for all.  2. Climbing into the firefighter seat of a fire truck and seeing all the tools.  3.Spraying the hose at a flaming window. 4. Experiencing the back of an ambulance with EMS gloves for all.

The children left the station after 2 hours of fun and experience with a better idea of firefighting and EMS.  Hopefully, these are our firefighters and EMTs of the future.

The children had fun, but watching the adult members doing the events, there were lots of smiles and talk afterwards of how much fun it was.  We look forward to next year.  Parent sponsors took pictures and learned and enjoyed along with the kindergarten children.

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