Wildlife at Station

Daily we experience natures wildlife.  Bears, Turkey, and forever the herd of deer bless our grounds.  We will not count the groundhogs, skunks, racoons and opossums that frequent the grounds.  Better close the bay doors at night when we head out for a call or one of these creatures may get inside.

Mother and 3 cubs came to the station grounds.  Mother saw the apple tree, led the the cubs to the tree and was viewed pushing them up the tree.  Soon apples were falling to the ground and mother laid down and began to eat the apples.  Bobby got a camera and went to take pictures when she spotted him and stood up ready to defend her cubs.  A quick retreat by Fire Department members was in order.  After getting their full, the cubs came down and they proceeded on their way.  Everyone in neighborhood has watched and taken pictures as these 4 move about.

bears 001 bears 002 bears 003 around 1-14 005 around 1-14 004

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