Oyster Dinner – March 15

The March Oyster Dinner was a great hit and social event.  Starting at 4 pm and finished at 8 pm.   Plenty of oysters – fried, raw, and oyster stew.  Danny Huff ran the cooking of oysters in the EMS bay while Hope Huff orchestrated the vegetables and oyster stew. Chief Gary Jenkins conducted the 50/50 and cake auction.

100_2564  100_2567

Danny Huff – Fundraising chairman preps the cookers.   Doug, Ashley, Shirley, Preston prep Oysters for frying.

100_2565  100_2571

Keith keeps oysters warm and fries.  Floor layout made easy access to food.

100_2574  100_2576

Hanna serves fried and raw oysters while Wendy, Ashleigh, and Amanda serve vegetables, ham and bread.

100_2573  100_2575

Crystal, Lizzy and George serve deserts. Loretta handled the drinks.

100_2580  100_2577

Hope Huff managed the kitchen with help of Connie, cooking vegetable and oyster stew.


Bobby Smoot was floor manager.  Keeping workers straight and food on the line.

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